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  1. Remove bandage between 1 1/2 and 3 hours.
  2. Wash the tattoo using mild antibacterial soap and warm water. It is recommended that you lather and rinse your tattoo 3 times. Take care to remove all traces of blood as this will cause scabbing. Hand wash only DO NOT scrub tattoo with a washcloth until it is healed. Gently pat dry with a clean towel & let air dry for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Apply a VERY small amount of ointment onto your tattoo and rub it in as you would lotion on your hands, if your clothing sticks to your tattoo, you’re using too much! Ointments we recommend are: Tat Wax, Curel unscented hand lotion, and Aquaphor. 
  4. Wash your tattoo twice a day and apply lotion 3-4 times per day while the tattoo is healing, usually around ten days sometimes longer for slower healers. 
  5. DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. DO NOT use a hot tub or swimming pool while your tattoo is healing. Keep your tattoo out of the sun as much as possible as it will fade your tattoo over time. No but’s about it the sun is bad for your tattoo, wait until it is fully healed to go back in the sun or a tanning bed and make sure you put on a high quality sunblock. DO NOT apply sunblock while the tattoo is healing.
  6. Remember that hands and feet reproduce skin cells much faster than other parts of the body. During the healing of these body parts refrain from washing dishes, wearing gloves or wearing socks and shoes as much as possible. Any friction of this type WILL wear away the tattoo within a very short amount of time. Other places known to rub are along bra strap and waist lines.
  7. Individuals heal in so many different ways, it’s hard to tell (especially for first-timers) exactly what will happen, whether the tattoo will scab or peel. A tattoo in one spot may heal completely different from a tattoo in another spot. Sometimes a scab will form no matter what you do. If a scab does form you may have to do things a bit differently…You should always check with your artist before you change any of your aftercare procedure. Each artist has their own methods of aftercare. Sometimes a tattoo just needs to scab. If it does form a scab discontinue use of ointment or moisturizer. Let the tattoo “dry heal”. You will have to keep an eye on it and keep any scabs from getting pulled off prematurely, but personally, we find it to be the best way. If anything, apply a sparing amount of moisturizer or ointment twice a day or less. No matter what, your body will heal. Touch ups are always available. This is why we guarantee our work.
  8. If touch ups need to be done, talk with your artist to schedule an appointment between 6 weeks and 6 months after the tattoo has healed.


While piercing is not quite as permanent as tattooing, every abandoned hole can leave a mark on your body. Piercing also carries a greater risk of infection or allergic reaction; being aware of the safety and aftercare issues involved in piercing has a lot to do with a successful outcome.

    1.    Always wash hands before you touch your piercing.

    2.    Only clean your piercing 2-3 times per day. Over cleaning may result in drying, thus prolonging your healing. Only use antibacterial soap and/or sea salt  solution to clean your piercing.

    3.    Clean your piercing using a Q-tip or by covering it with a shot glass of sea salt solution.

    4.    Insure that all dried formations are removed.

    5.    Rinse piercing completely, then rotate.

    6.    Insure that jewelry threads are tight.

    7.    Do not pick or scratch your piercing, it may result in the formation of scar tissue. HANDS OFF is the best policy.

    8.    Submerging your piercing in pools, lakes, or hot tubs increases your risk of exposure to harmful bacteria.

    9.    Avoid makeup or hairspray in the area of the piercing.

    10.   Never use alcohol or peroxide to clean your piercing.

    11.   Avoid oral contact and bodily fluids.

    12.   Ice or ibuprofen can help with swelling




Add 1/4 teaspoon salt to 8oz water



Mouth Piercing

1. -Tongue/Lips-Rinse your mouth with Listerine mouth wash or a sea salt solution, especially after eating, drinking or smoking.

2. Avoid beer, dark liquors and dairy for the next 3-5 days.

3. Avoid high acidic and spicy foods.

4.No sexual contact for at least 4 weeks

5. Ice or ibuprofen can help with swelling.

6. -Lips outside of mouth- clean with antibacterial soap and/or a sea salt solution described in piercing aftercare.




1.clean with antibacterial soap and/or a sea salt solution described in piercing aftercare.

2.No sexual contact for at least 4 weeks.



If you have issues such as infection or jewelry not sitting correctly after the swelling has gone down please come see us. If there is an issue we will be glad to remove the jewelry and re-pierce at no additional charge as long as we remove the jewelry for you.