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Alan has been tattooing in the Fort Collins area for thirteen years.



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Growing up I was always extremely drawn to art. Weather it was images I saw in the sky, in life, around me, or just as I was drawing. In high school I was a teachers worst nightmare drawing all over my notes and projects. Naturally the concept of making art on someones body intrigued me. The day I turned 18 I had my first tattoo and was addicted. Later on I found myself more and more in a tattoo shop. I had gotten tattooed for over 2 years and with each visit asked my tattoo artist a little more on how to get into the industry. When he had completed my tattoo I had no choice but show up and hangout with the crew. It became something I must do. The idea of tattooing for a living burned within me. Now my love grows with each day. I really love doing all types of tattooing, always challenging myself with new concepts and techniques. I love doing free hand tattoos, traditional tattoos, abstract, surreal, realistic, 3d tattoos. You name it, I want to do it!


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